What to Wear and Expect on Portrait Day


Clothing for Senior Portraits

* Keep your outfits simple. Bring the colors and outfits that you feel best in.   Consider how the color complements your skin tone.
* For your traditional head and shoulders portrait – simple, long-sleeved tops in solid medium to dark tones of brown, gray, burgundy, green or blue are good choices for a medium to dark background. (Stay away from bold patterns.)
* The traditional earthy tones also work best for outdoor.
* Casual fun portraits – anything works.
* Current fads or trendy outfits are good for a few poses. Please limit tanks or   sleeveless tops.
* Jeans are perfect for any background.
* Add a personal touch by bringing in your favorite hat, sunglasses, musical instrument,   jacket, sports gear, pet, “wheels”, or be photographed with your best friend.
* Don’t forget shoes, socks, and jewelry.


Family Clothing

* Your clothing should be appropriate for the type of portrait you desire, casual or formal. The clothing selection   should reflect your family’s personality.
* Keeping the clothes simple is our most important recommendation. Coordinate for balance, harmony, and color.   Subtle shades of color look best.
* Solid colors, either all light or all dark, all the same color or a few different   hues of the same color work best.
* Long sleeves, slacks or long skirts are better than sleeveless shirts, short skirts or shorts.
* Everyone should match on the lower half.
* Dress for full-length photographs; include socks and shoes in your preparation.
* Formal portraits will look great with suits and ties for the men and dresses or blazers for the women. Ties and scarves may add a   splash of color.
* Jeans offer a more relaxed look.


Additional Important Points

* Glasses – if you wear glasses most of the time, you’ll probably want to be photographed with them. To eliminate   glare or distortion, borrow frames without lenses from your optical store or have your lenses removed. This will save you the cost of removing glass glare   from your portrait.
* Jewelry should be kept simple, wide gold and silver necklaces may cause a glare.
* Hair – try to have your cut or perm at least one week before your session. It is best to wear your hair the   way you normally do.
* Turtlenecks or V-necks are flattering provided that neither is exaggerated in style.
* Apply make-up as you normally would, an even foundation that matches your skin tone, mascara and a touch of   lipstick. Also bring along translucent powder to eliminate any shine.
* Stray hair, tan lines and sunburn can be costly to correct.
* We want to make your session fun and unique.