Remember your wedding, not your photographer!

“Being photographed for your wedding (especially your first one) is worth remembering.

Well it should be!        Actually, no!

The thing you shouldn’t remember is being photographed.”

That’s a quote from a short blog post by Johannes at Queensberry, New Zealand. Here’s the link to the entire post:

Queensberry produces beautiful leatherbound library-style wedding albums, and created the dynamic software we use for designing the album layouts.

Johannes makes a very important point – the photographs should be the memory, not the person taking the photographs. Time and again, I hear from brides who tell me they had a photographer who  took forever to capture the family and group photographs, or their photographer was short-tempered and didn’t seem to enjoy being at the wedding.

Your choice of a photographer should be based on more than just pretty pictures . . . although I think you’ll agree we have some awesome photographs on this website! Your photographer should have proven experience, enjoy what he or she is doing,  and the ability to work under any circumstances.

With more than 750 weddings behind us, Susan and I have dealt with every situation and emergency imaginable. And we’ve learned how to use “posing flow” to capture lots of beautiful images in just a few minutes.

Take a few minutes and enjoy our photographs. Then call Susan at (207) 657-6372, or email us, or use our contact page to send a quick message, and let’s get together to discuss how much fun we’ll have at your wedding as we create your amazing wedding memories!

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