Summer picture ideas

Yay! Summer has finally arrived!

And along with summer come wonderful opportunities for amazing photos –

– Footprints in the sand:  Grab your camera and head to the beach! Walk along the sand as the tide is going out, and you’ll leave a trail of footprints. Now get down low and get a close up of the footprints.

– Crabs and shells:  And while you’re at the beach, look for the little crabs that hide in the pools. They look really neat up close! Or find some loose shells in the sand and use them to make a heart with your initials inside.

– Sunrise/sunset:  We have the most amazing sunrises and sunsets this time of year. Get up early to catch the sun peaking through the green leaves. A trip to the mountains (or just a hilltop), will make for some amazing views of the sunrise. Or hang around as the sun settles in the west and watch for the golden clouds. A tripod will help you when framing your images.

– Friends and fun:  Keep your camera around your neck when friends and family come to visit! Silly snapshots of mustard on the face while eating hot dogs make for wonderful memories in the chill of winter! And fun photos of your group of friends will be cherished for years to come.

– Make a memory book:  Grab your collection of summer photos and head over to Shutterfly to create a neat album with photos from this summer. It makes for a great way to share memories year-round, and is a neat gift for that special someone in your life.

– Pin your favorites:  Add your favorite photos to Pinterest to share with the world. I’ve found some amazing and inspiring ideas on Pinterest. Will I see YOUR photos there?

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