Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

    Experience and Knowledge are Key!

The experience and knowledge of your wedding photographer are the key to a good set of finished photographs. Anyone can take acceptable photographs on a sunny day, but it’s the photographers with the education and the experience of shooting hundreds of weddings that will get great photographs day or night, good weather or bad. Choose a photographer who has backup equipment, real lighting (not just “reflectors” or built-in flash), and the experience to use that equipment anytime and anywhere. Count on us to use our experience with over 700 weddings to deliver awesome photography for you.

    Money isn’t everything

Sometimes you can’t afford the cheapest! Don’t hire a photographer based on price; hire a photographer based on value. Will you get great photographs both inside and outside? Will you get great photographs in any kind of weather? That experience is worth the extra money! Experience and knowledge are not free . . .  Just like you expect to get paid for your experience at your own job, you should expect to pay your photographer a fair rate for your wedding photography. While competition has driven prices down in recent years, you should still expect to pay from $1,000 to upwards of $4,000 for a photographer with the expertise to guarantee great photographs from your special day. Don’t judge a photographer just by their sample photographs – of course we’re going to show you our best work in our advertising. Ask to see complete weddings so you can judge the quality of work under different conditions. Ask to see one of our recent weddings – you’ll want us for your wedding!

    Get a Contract

Ensure you have a signed contract with your photographer. And ensure your photographer carries liability insurance! A “real” photographer will have business liability insurance, an office, and good business practices. You want a guarantee that your photographer will deliver the promised photographs, and the best way to ensure that guarantee is by dealing with a real business person.

    Mix your Style of Photography

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you should not choose a photographer just because you like their artsy photographs on their website. We’ve heard from many frustrated brides who chose a photographer with fantastic photographs in their advertising, but that photographer didn’t have a clue about posing family groups. And those frustrated brides didn’t get many of the most important photographs from their wedding, of family and friends. Certainly, an artistic photographer is important for nice photographs, but be sure your photographer also knows how to capture family groups, your bridal party, and your friends. You also want a photographer who can capture good candids from your party. Bottom line – get a good mix of artistic ability and classic expertise!

    Have Fun with your Photographer

Choose a photographer with the personality and ability to engage your family and friends. You want to have fun at your wedding, and your photographer has the obligation to make your photography just as fun as the rest of your day! An experienced photographer will capture great photographs while guiding you and your guests into nice poses with charm and poise.

    Meet Your Photographer

Most importantly – meet your photographer before your wedding day! That’s a guarantee for success. Ask for a meeting or two early in your process of choosing a photographer. Sit down with them and get to know their personality to ensure you’ll have lots of fun and great photographs on your wedding day.

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