Magical Romantic Wedding Photography

Attention Bride (or Groom) To Be:
How To Have The Most Magical, Romantic, And Fun Wedding Day Of Your Dreams!

Who wants an easy and fun Wedding Day ???

You do! And we will spare no effort or expense to totally please you.  We want you to have FUN! And we know how to make your wedding day easy with suggested timing for getting ready, your ceremony, the portraits ( of course ! ) and your party. And just as important is our desire to create wedding portraiture that helps you look your very best and gently makes an expression of your character and personality.

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Dyana and Ben (at Sheepscot Harbour Resort) say: “Thank you so much for all your hard work for our recent wedding. You worked tirelessly to capture the precious moments of our special day, and the photos are absolutely beautiful.”

Melissa B. (at the Hilton Garden Inn) says: “I can’t thank you enough for how fabulous the wedding photos came out! Perfect variety of photos to enjoy and you managed to capture so many important and fun moments”

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No More Worries About Planning . . . We’ve Got Your Back . . .

     Careful planning is one of the main differences which separate the work of Tsukroff Photography, LLC, from that of other wedding photographers. We spend time with you before, during, and after the photography, planning everything. We help you learn what timing for your day is best for your party, what combinations of families and friends will make for the best memories, and what location is most complementary for your photography. These are the factors which combine to make your wedding photographs truly outstanding! Our clients find this planning time very, very helpful.

You Will Be THRILLED. We Guarantee It!

What? Is that really true? YES . . . we promise you will be thrilled with your finished portraits and your awesome wedding albums (and that we’ll make mom cry when she sees your smiles). Or we will remake your portraits to your satisfaction, or retake your photographs. Or, refund your money . . . all of it!

Why do we make this promise? Because I truly believe we are here to capture your vision of your special day. Hundreds of brides (and grooms) have shared their stories with us to guide us towards those PERFECT portraits.

And, we put that promise in writing . . .

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Show Your Love, All Year Long!

     Start your experience with the traditional Engagement Portraits, or share your love throughout the year with the

“Four Seasons of Our Love” sessions.

Four Seasons of Our Love

We set your engagement photographs to music in a special presentation on your wedding day for your guests to enjoy.

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